Convenience Packages Offered

Our convenience packages are designed to simplify the ongoing care process of owning natural stone countertops. These packages can be purchased when you get started with your kitchen or bath project with us, or they can be purchased separately. All packages are offered in one, two, and three year bundles. Whether you are a current customer, past customer, or are new to Simple Living, we'd love to take part in maintaining your countertops for years to come. Give us a call to schedule your free in-home consultation today!


Basic Package

The Basic Package will handle all your standard care for the year, plus one repair. The package is designed for those who take good care of their countertops throughout the year, but want the peace of mind knowing an expert will come in annually perform the necessary service to elongate the life of your countertops.


Premium Package

The Premium Package includes all services in the Basic Package, but includes an annual buffing/polishing of your countertop surface. While natural stone counters stay shiny forever, they can develop a hazy surface over time with typical usage. Even more so if you use the counters heavily. The buffing/polishing process removes all the buildup on the surface and returns the counters to their original luster.

convenience 2.jpg

Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package provides a complete and care free maintenance experience. This package includes all services in the Basic and Premium packages plus the following features:

  • 15 year sealer application + touch up after each buffing/polishing session

  • 2 repairs/annually + discounted rate on any additional repairs

  • Stainless steel sink cleaning/touch-up

  • Caulk/silicone cleaning or replacement if necessary

  • Unlimited phone support for questions/consultations on maintaining your counters throughout the year (perfect for rental properties with tenants who make not take the same care as you do)